Man arrested after allegedly trying to create ISIS training center in New Mexico

A man in New Mexico has been arrested for reportedly trying to create an ISIS training center and “safe haven” within the state, the Department of Justice (DOJ) have confirmed.

“A New Mexico man was arrested today for allegedly attempting to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) and attempting to obstruct, influence and impede at least one official proceeding,” the DOJ said in a statement.

“A federal grand jury indicted Herman Leyvoune Wilson, aka Bilal Mu’Min Abdullah, 45, of Albuquerque, on Aug. 23. Wilson will remain in custody pending an arraignment scheduled for Aug. 30.”

The Justice Department continued, “According to the indictment and other court records, from Jan. 23, 2020, to Nov. 20, 2021, Wilson allegedly attempted to provide material support and resources to ISIS, a designated foreign terrorist organization. Wilson allegedly attempted to establish an ‘Islamic State Center’ in New Mexico that would teach ISIS ideology, provide training in tactical maneuvers and martial arts, and serve as a safe haven for individuals preparing to travel and fight on behalf of ISIS in the United States and abroad.”

Wilson also reportedly tried to obstruct the course of justice and influence at least one official proceeding by demanding that documents be destroyed, and that the platform be shutdown, as per the DOJ.

In September 2020, Kristopher Matthews and Jaylin Molina were arrested for providing support to a known terror organization, ISIS. They pleaded guilty before laying the blame at Wilson’s door, stating that he radicalized them. It was after their arrest that Wilson committed the aforementioned act of telling other members to destroy any evidence that could tie them to the group.

Matthews was sentenced to 20 years in prison and Molina was given an 18-year sentence.




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