Iraqi unrest grows: Death toll rises to 15

The death toll from the clashes between Iraqi security forces and protesters who stormed the government palace in Baghdad on Monday has risen to at least 15, with dozens more injured.

The Associated Press reported that the number of those killed may be as high as 12, while local outlets put the figure at 15. Injuries, meanwhile, ranged from a few dozen to a few hundred.

The clashes broke out after hundreds of protesters stormed the government palace, demanding an end to corruption and poor governance. Security forces responded with tear gas and live ammunition, leading to the casualties.

The unrest comes amid growing frustration over the deteriorating economic situation in Iraq, as well as continued anger over corruption and poor governance.

The UN Assistance Mission for Iraq has urged protesters to clear out of Baghdad’s International Zone and all other government buildings. Stéphane Dujarric, a spokesperson for the Secretary-General, said that the unrest in Iraq has been causing concern within the organization.

“He is particularly concerned about reports of casualties. He appeals for calm and restraint, and urges all relevant actors to take immediate steps to de-escalate the situation and avoid any violence.

“The Secretary-General strongly urges all parties and actors to rise above their differences and to engage, without further delay, in a peaceful and inclusive dialogue on a constructive way forward.”

According to reports, multiple people have been killed and dozens injured after hundreds of protesters stormed the government palace in Baghdad and clashed with security forces.

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