Colorado Secretary of State claims Americans ‘could lose the right to vote’ if Republicans win midterms

Jena Griswold, who is Colorado’s Secretary of State, has cautioned voters that fair elections are hanging by a thread and could be a thing of the past of the Republicans are able to take the house and the senate in November’s midterms.

“What we can expect from the extreme Republicans running across this country is to undermine free and fair elections for the American people, strip Americans of the right to vote, refuse to address security breaches and, unfortunately, be more beholden to Mar-a-Lago than the American people,” Griswold said during an interview with the Guardian. “For us, we are trying to save democracy.”

Griswold also lashed out at any Republicans who are echoing claims made by Donald Trump that the 2020 election was stolen.

Griswold also praised her own record since taking office and said she fought to ensure that “democracy survived” the threat of a global pandemic and “a President of the United States trying to steal an election.”

Griswold also anticipates that the battle for voting rights will be “a long-term fight” that will not conclude at the midterms in November, however Griswold said that her experiences since taking her office have increased her desire to “not let people willing to destroy the country to win.”

“The fight to try to take Americans’ freedoms, it won’t be over after the election — it won’t,” she said, warning that if Republicans were able to win this round, the “country could lose the right to vote in less than three months.”

Griswold will run against Republican opponent Pam Anderson, who previously defeated Trump-backed candidate Tina Peters in the Colorado primary.

Anderson expressed similar views to Griswold in regard to voting rights. “We want free, accessible, and fair elections, and will push back on political hyper-partisan rhetoric around elections administration,” Anderson said.




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