Former police officer involved in Breonna Taylor case pleads guilty to helping falsify search warrant

A former law enforcement officer from Louisville, Kentucky, Kenny Hanna Goodlett, has pleaded guilty to civil charges in relation to one count of conspiring to violate the civil rights of Breonna Taylor after inputting false information in the affidavit to gain a search warrant for her apartment, which resulted in Taylor being killed. Goodlett is the first officer to be charged in relation to Taylor’s death.

Goodlett appeared before U.S. District Judge Rebecca Grady Jennings to admit the charge. Taylor’s mom, Tamika Palmer attended the proceeding. Goodlett arrived in court with her attorney and replied “yes, your honor,” and “yes, ma’am,” when asked if she understood both the charge against her and her right.

Goodlett was ordered to surrender her Passport and is barred from having contact with all 3 defendants. Goodlett will face a maximum of 5 years in prison and a fine of up-to $250,000. Goodlett will also have 3 years of supervised release after her sentence has finished. Goodlett’s tentative sentencing date is 22 November 2022.

Judge Grady said it’s possible that there may be “extenuating circumstances” that would cause the date of the trial to be pushed back. 

Goodlett is expected to provide witness testimony in the trial of two of her ex-colleagues, Joshua Jaynes and Kyle Meany. Both Jaynes and Meany will appear in a civil court accused of causing Taylor’s death. A third officer, Brett Hankison, has also been charged in a separate federal indictment after being acquitted of state charges. Hankison is the only police officer charged who was present at the scene.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland stated that the police officers who were at Taylor’s home “were not involved in the drafting of the warrant, and were unaware of the false and misleading statements.”

Garland alleged in his report that Jaynes and Goodlett held a meeting in a garage in May 2020 “where they agreed to tell investigators a false story.”




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