San Antonio man arrested after allegedly threatening attack on conservative group

San Antonio resident Alejandro Richard Velasquez Gomez, 19, remains in custody after being arrested last month for threats he posted on social media directed at conservative group Turning Point USA.

FBI agents alleged that Gomez took to social media to threaten a mass attack on Turning Point USA during their recent event in Tampa, which through from July 22nd to July 24th. Turning Point were founded by conservative speaker and podcast host Charlie Kirk.

According to a criminal complaint which was filed in federal court in San Antonio, Gomez was said to have referred to the Turning Point event as “the day of retribution the day I will have revenge against all of humanity” on his Instagram.

The FBI also stated that Gomez purchased a flight from Austin to Tampa on July 22nd but cancelled the flight on the evening of July 21st.

Agents in their complaint likened Gomez’s plan to that of Elliot Rodger, who planned and executed an attack in Santa Barbara, California, killing 6 people and wounding several others before turning the gun on himself.

“He explained to me that he intended the post to evoke Elliot Rodger and was familiar with Elliot Rodger due to extensive online research,” an FBI agent noted in the complaint.

The complaint didn’t detail why Gomez targeted Turning Point, however Tampa police believed the threat was credible enough to justify an arrest.

Velasquez was apprehended in San Antonio and his charges are, making interstate threats and also for possessing indecent pictures of children on his phone.

Nick Fuentes, who has clashed with Turning Point on several occasions, denied that he was in any way affiliated with Gomez. “For the record, Alejandro Velasquez had nothing to do with me or America First,” Fuentes wrote on Telegram Friday.

“As far as I’m aware he attended [Conservative Political Action Conference] Dallas last year where I briefly made an appearance. Claims on social media that he was part of our team in any way are completely untrue. Censorship, debanking and blacklisting didn’t work so now they lie.”




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