Poll: Californians don’t want Biden or Trump to run in 2024, most favor Newsom 

A recent poll carried out by the University of California showed that the majority of voters in California don’t want former President Donald Trump or the current President Joe Biden to run for office in 2024.

More specifically, 61% said they did not want Biden to seek a second term, and 71% were against the idea of Trump seeking a second term. Both men would only be eligible to serve one more term if elected.

66% of Republican voters who were polled said they would like Trump to be the GOP nominee while 29% said they did not want Trump to run again.

The split among Democratic voters was even: 46% said they were in favour of Biden as the Democratic nominee in 2024 and 46% were against it. 

Dan Schnur, who is a Berkeley and USC politics professor, gave his thoughts on the results: “The fact that deep blue California is not excited about Donald Trump running for president again shouldn’t be particularly surprising. But it’s worth remembering that Biden didn’t fare all that well out here in the Democratic primary in 2020 either. So Californians being less enthusiastic about him running again shouldn’t catch anyone by surprise either.”

Gov. Gavin Newsom, (D-CA) was the number one choice for most registered voters in California. When solely looking at the results of registered Democratic voters, Newsom tied in first place with Sen. Bernie Sanders, (D-VT), for being the 2024 nominee.

Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis was 2nd choice for the Republican nominee, with 38% supporting Trump and 27% saying DeSantis was their first choice. All other Republican candidates failed to get double digits.

Biden has not officially announced a bid for re-election. However, a White House press secretary noted recently that Biden plans to run again. Donald Trump has hinted several times about running for office again in 2024, however he has not confirmed this yet.




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