Four-year-old kicked out of California kindergarten for not wearing mask

On Thursday, a 4-year old boy was ejected from a classroom for his refusal to comply with the district mask policy. The incident occurred at a transitional kindergarten in California.

The student is not being named, however his father Shawn, who was only willing to provide his first name, did speak to Fox New about the incident.  Shawn stated that his son attended class maskless after the Mountain View Whisman School District voted to relax their mask policy during a meeting earlier on in the day.

Superintendent Ayinde Rudolph said during the meeting was reported to have said that the district would start operating a “masks optional” approach for students starting from Friday.

“He basically looked like a PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) victim,” Shawn told Fox News about his son, who started transitional kindergarten last week in the San Francisco suburb. “He was inconsolable for about two hours.”

Shawn took his son to school on Thursday and recorded his son entering school, not wearing a mask. The video goes on to show Theuerkauf Elementary School Principal Michelle Williams explaining to the father that the boy must leave the campus if he refuses to wear a mask. The principal states her fondness for the child and that she wants to have him on campus, but also notes that mask mandate is non-negotiable.

“I want him here, but it is our district’s policy that students have to wear a mask,” she is heard saying. “He is a lovely child. We are here to support and serve him.”

The boy is seen darting past the principal towards his classroom. “I cannot keep spending time on this same issue… I’m going to have you removed from campus if you don’t leave at this time,” Williams says before a call is made to the police.

A school resource officer also spoke with Shawn and his son. In a similar stance to the principal, the resource officer was sympathetic, but said they were not able to budge in terms of rules for wearing a mask on campus.

Shawn’s attorney, Tracy Henderson sent Principal Williams a cease-and-desist letter, stating that the student has been subjected to bullying, discrimination and harassment by district employees due to the incident. “It is time to let parents decide what is best for their children in relation to COVID,” according to the letter Henderson sent to Fox News.




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