Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene files articles of impeachment against AG Merrick Garland over Mar-a-Lago raid

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GE) announced on Friday that she has filed articles of impeachment against Attorney General Merrick Garland over the raid of former President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home.

Garland publicly announced that he approved the search warrant and Greene stated that Garland’s actions “constitutes a blatant attempt to persecute a political opponent.”

Greene stated in her articles of impeachment that “personal approval to seek a search warrant for the raid on the home of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, constitutes a blatant attempt to persecute a political opponent.”

“Merrick Garland has abused his position of power as the attorney general to politically persecute [President] Joe Biden’s enemies. And the whole purpose of this is to prevent [former] President Trump from ever being able to hold office,” Greene went onto say.

Greene also took to Twitter to allow its users to view her articles. “Read my articles of impeachment against Merrick Garland. #ImpeachGarland.”

The FBI said in their post search report that they were able to recover 11 boxes containing classified records that Trump took with him from the White House after leaving office, as per the court records which were made public on Friday. Some of the boxes were allegedly marked as “top secret,” Insider’s Sonam Sheth reported.

Trump has denied any wrongdoing and, in a statement, released on Friday, he said “it was all declassified.” Trump also went onto say that “Everyone ends up having to bring home their work from time to time.”

A formal statement was also released from Trump’s office on Friday. The statement read, “President Trump, in order to prepare for work the next day, often took documents, including classified documents, from the Oval Office to the residence. He had a standing order that documents removed from the Oval Office and taken into the residence were deemed to be declassified the moment he removed them.”




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