California’s San Bernardino County likely to vote on possible secession from the state in midterms

Voters in California’s fifth-largest county may be voting on a measure in the midterms that would include seceding from the state if more government funding is not funneled into the county.

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors voted 4-0 this week to include a measure in the November ballot that would ask voters how far they are willing to go to make sure more state and federal funding makes its way into their county. 

The version of the ballot question that was voted upon at the Wednesday meeting reads, “Do the citizens of San Bernardino County want the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors to study all options to obtain its fair share of state and federal resources, up to and including secession?”

“The last line is the most controversial because the rest of it’s like a no-brainer,” said board Chairman Curt Hagman to the Los Angeles Times. “Then we can look at options. How do we lobby for more? How do we put our state representatives on notice that, hey, we’re not getting our fair share?” he added.

Secession is not a simple process, however. In order to fully secede from a state and either become a sovereign state or become part of a neighboring state, county voters would have to pass the ballot measure. The measure would then have to be approved by the state legislature and then be passed by the US House and Senate. Though county lawmakers voted for the measure to be added to the November ballot, they say they are not seeking secession.

“I do think we have to look at anything we can do to enhance services for our residents,” said County Supervisor Joe Baca Jr. “I’m not in favor of seceding. I’m proud to be from California. I love California.”




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