Louisiana Supreme Court rejects appeal seeking to overturn state’s abortion ban

On Friday, Louisiana’s Supreme Court rejected an appeal, which was filed by plaintiffs regarding the state’s current ban on abortions. The Supreme Court’s decision has allowed the ban on abortions to remain in place.

Kathaleen Pittman, who is the Director of Hope Medical Group, told the Associated Press ahead of the appeal that “We are still fighting.” Pittman also confirmed that they only had 20 consultations on Wednesday, something she put down to uncertainty over the ban.

Following the rejection of the appeal, Joanna Wright, an attorney for the plaintiff, said in a statement: “While it is disappointing that four of the seven justices, without any written explanation, issued a ruling that will effectively deny critical care to women throughout Louisiana, the litigation continues and we are confident we can affect meaningful change.”

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, who was a defendant in this case, praised the judge’s decision on Twitter and vowed to fight any further appeals. “The LA Supreme Court has denied June Medical’s writ. Abortion remains illegal in Louisiana. I’m pleased with the Court’s decision and will continue fighting to end this legal circus,” Landry said.

Plaintiffs acknowledge that the state of Louisiana can prohibit abortion following the ruling, but they have expressed frustration at the law being too vague.

On July 21st, Louisiana state Judge Donald Johnson put in place a preliminary injunction which permitted abortion clinics to continue operating their businesses as normal while the appeals process was ongoing. 

However, 8 days later later, a state appeals court ruled in favor of Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, which brought clinics to a grinding halt and also granted a “suspensive” appeal, which required Judge Johnson to reinstate the ban.




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