Dr. Oz challenges John Fetterman to five debates following his return to campaign after stroke

Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz publicly challenged his Democratic challenger, Lt. Governor John Fetterman, to five debates before the midterm election in November. The request comes only three months after Fetterman suffered a stroke.

Fetterman returned to the campaign trail on Friday after a hiatus following his stroke in May, speaking at a rally in Erie. Fetterman expressed his gratitude for being able to resume campaigning and thanked his wife for noticing his symptoms two days prior to his primary victory over Conor Lamb.

Oz, who was endorsed by former president Donald Trump earlier this year, publicly challenged Fetterman to five debates on Twitter the same day Fetterman returned to active campaigning. 

“I’ve officially committed to 5 moderated debates across Pennsylvania,” Oz wrote. “Fetterman has agreed to 0. It’s time for Fetterman to show up. Pennsylvanians deserve to hear from their candidates.” Oz’s campaign added, “John Fetterman’s campaign also received invitations to these debates, but his campaign has not yet committed to any of these debates or any other debate with Dr. Oz.”

Fetterman’s campaign responded to Oz’s debate demand, dismissing the debate challenge. “This is just what losing campaigns do when they desperately want to change the narrative, and we’re not falling for it,” said spokesperson for the Fetterman campaign Joe Calvello. “Today is about John, and it’s not our job to boost Dr. Oz’s struggling campaign.” 

Oz also attacked Fetterman on conservative news outlet Newsmax. “I’m the American dream come alive… [he’s] lived off his parents until he was elected to an office recently,” said Oz in an interview on Friday, the same day he challenged Fetterman to five debates.




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