Georgia’s Brian Kemp seeks tax breaks amid ‘unforeseen jumps in property values and local tax bills’

Governor Brian Kemp (R-GE) plans to offer several tax breaks as part of his election campaign, including to revive a property tax break that was quashed after the 2008 recession.

“For young Georgians just getting settled into their first home or parents who are sending their kids off to college, unforeseen jumps in property values and local tax bills over the last year only add to concerns of an uncertain economic future,” Kemp said of the property tax break, per The San Diego Union Tribune.

Stacey Abrams made a statement this week where she accused Republicans of denying basic services and ignoring inequities. Abrams accepted that austerity was necessary during the 2008 recession, but it should not be in place anymore.

“I liken it to a company that realizes a windfall,” Abrams said in an interview with The Associated Press ahead of her speech. “You can either give dividends to your wealthiest shareholders or you can invest in the infrastructure of your company so you can create more opportunities and create more revenue. I want to do the latter.”

Abrams has also urged Kemp to suspend the gas tax for the remainder of this year. Despite her having opposed tax breaks to the wealthy, Abrams has said she would not fight the income tax cut. Her spokesman Alex Floyd said that while Kemp and Abrams have similar views on tax, Kemp’s position on guns and abortion makes him an unsuitable candidate.

“While Brian Kemp is following Stacey Abrams’ lead in calling for tax rebates, he’s still pushing an extreme and dangerous agenda that threatens Georgia families and puts our economy at risk,” Floyd said.

Kemp hit back at Abrams by comparing her to President Joe Biden. “Abrams plans to spend more, tax more, regulate more, all while driving inflation higher and putting countless livelihoods at risk, just like her pal in the White House,” he said on Thursday.




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