Arkansas judge found dead at the bottom of a lake

Arkansas Judge, Jeremiah Bueker, 48, who went missing during a trip with family and friends at the weekend, was found deceased at the bottom of a lake on Sunday.

Bueker was said to be enjoying some “recreational travel” with those close to him, however at some point during the trip, he “ventured off alone.” After a long period of absence, Bueker’s friends and family became worried and started to search for him. When Bueker still hadn’t returned by sunset, his family and friends called 911, according to a Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office news release.

The news release also went onto say that a search for Bueker was conducted throughout the night but was eventually called off due to low visibility. Not long after sunrise, deputies resumed the search around the Mud Lake area, where Bueker was last seen. Mud Lake is approximatey 75 miles south of Little Rock, Arkansas.

“The boats used were equipped with side-scan sonar, which provides a birds-eye view of the water,” Sheriff Lafayette Woods, Jr. said. At 9.16am, the Sheriff confirmed that their sonar detected a body at the bottom of the lake. The search team then utilized drag/rescue hooks to bring Bueker’s body to shore.

Sheriff Woods said, “I truly pray that the successful recovery of Judge Bueker’s body by our deputies and Arkansas Game & Fish Wildlife Officers brings some sense of closure to the Bueker Family and those who knew him best. The scour of emotions they must feel right now is devastating.”

The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office were informed, and they arrived not long after Bueker was pronounced deceased. At this stage, Bueker’s death is being treated as an accidental drowning; however, in keeping with standard procedure his body will be sent to the State Medical Examiner for an autopsy.

April Davis, who is the deputy coroner for Jefferson County who was present at the scene, said there were no signs of foul play. Davis also said there was no trauma to the body, and it was completely intact.




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