CNN’s Stelter says Hunter Biden ‘not just a right-wing media story,’ could influence 2024 election

CNN Anchor Brian Stelter recently discussed Hunter Biden during an episode of his segment “Reliable Sources,” on Sunday.

Stelter said that the federal investigation of Hunter Biden is “not just a right-wing media story,” and could be detrimental to Biden’s chances of being elected again in 2024, should he decide to run again.

The conversation about Hunter started after Maureen Dowd’s column titled “Hey Joe, Don’t Give it a Go,” in which she urges president not to run for re-election was brought up.

As Fox News reports, Dowd touted some of Biden’s achievements but cautioned that how he is seen in history books will be determined by when he decides to bow out.

“The timing of your exit can determine your place in the history books,” Dowd said. “President Biden has had a cascade of legislative accomplishments on tech manufacturing, guns, infrastructure — and hopefully soon, climate and prescription drugs — that validate his promises when he ran.”

Dowd went onto say that Biden has the opportunity to “leave on a high, knowing that he has delivered on his promises for progress and restored decency to the White House.”

Stelter clashed with Michael LaRosa, who was Jill Biden’s former press secretary, on whether Biden should run in 2024.

“What about his son?” Stelter asked. “What about Hunter? Hunter under federal investigation, charges can be coming at any time, this is not just a right-wing media story. This is a real problem for the Bidens.” He added, “Could he decide not to run for re-election given his son?”

LaRosa replied: “Look, they make decisions as a family and they will make that decision when it’s time.”

“Do you think they’ve talked about it yet?” Stelter then asked, to which LaRosa responded, “No. The president’s doing his job, he’s doing his work. He’s not focused on that.”

Stelter then pressed on whether “the press is getting ahead of the family on that.”

“Way ahead, way ahead,” LaRosa stated, before stating that Biden “intends to run” and encouraging the media to shed more light on his “substantive wins” recently.




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