Sen. Ted Cruz says he hasn’t made any decisions on 2024 yet, will ‘wait and see’ if Trump runs

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has said he won’t make any decisions about whether he will run for President in 2024 at this stage. Cruz told Fox News that he will “wait and see what Donald Trump decides and then make decisions from there.”

Cruz was quoted by several news outlets saying, “when I ran in ’16, it was the most fun I’ve had in my life.” Cruz dropped a hint that he does have one eye on 2024 during an interview conducted after his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas Texas. “I am committed to fighting to save this country with every breath in my body. It is what I believe in.”

Despite his 2024 hints, Cruz has re-iterated that his main focus is on taking back the house and the Senate from Democrats in November’s midterm elections.

“My focus is on 2022. I’m spending practically every waking moment on the campaign trail, focusing on retaking the House and retaking the Senate,” Cruz said. 

Cruz adopted a positive tone by saying, “I think we’re gonna win both. I think we’re gonna see a Republican majority in the House. I think we’re gonna see a Republican majority in the Senate. And I hope and believe we’re going to see not just majorities, but strong new conservative leaders who are willing to stand and fight and deliver on their promises.”

Cruz was asked about whether a 2024 run by Trump could have negative consequences for The Republican Party.  Cruz answered by saying that the decision remained in Trump’s hands.

Cruz stated that Trump is “going to decide what he wants to do, and frankly, he’s going to decide on his own timeframe. He’s not going to listen to me. He’s not going to listen to anyone else. He’s going to decide when he damn well wants to, and the rest of the world will react accordingly.”

Trump has dropped several hints that he may run in 2024 in both interviews and at rallies, but has not made an official announcement.

“Very hard for me not to run, to be honest,” Trump said during an interview with Clay Travis. “And also, the polls indicate that, from the Republican standpoint, it would be easy… I was up 11 points against Biden the other day. I don’t think he’s gonna run.”




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