Report: President Biden met with two Chinese energy executives tied to his son’s company in 2014

According to a report by the Daily Mail, White House records show that two Chinese businessmen with reported links to Hunter Biden’s company met up with then-Vice President Joe Biden.

The report details that, four days after the meeting took place, one of the executives sent a flattering email to Hunter Biden about his sports car.

“Last Friday when we visited D.C., I heard that your Fisker is out of order and could not get serviced. Sorry,” Ni wrote in the email. “It would be our honor to get your Fisker fixed… I would like to give you a call to see what we could do as next step.” He added, “It would be our great honor to welcome you to visit Fisker or Wanxiang at any time.”

The meeting is the 15th to be unearthed, which has allegedly taken place between Biden and businessmen with ties to Hunter.

According to the White House visitor registry representatives for Chinese company Wanxiang held a meeting with Biden in the West Wing of the White House in July 2014. The records show that both Wanxiang’s American President Pin Ni and their Resources President Youhong Han met with Biden between 11am until 12.15pm, per the Daily Mail.

Eric Schwerin, who is one of Hunter’s closest business associates, has been alleged to have made at least 19 visits to the White House and a plethora of other locations between 2009 to 2015.

Along with attending meetings with Hunter’s business associates, Biden was reportedly identified as having a 10% equity stake in a company created for a joint venture with Chinese conglomerate, CEFC. Biden was allegedly referred to as “the big guy,” in several emails according to past associates of Hunter.

Back in April, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy asked then Press Secretary Jen Psaki whether Joe Biden was involved in any of Hunter’s dealings. Psaki stated that Biden retained his original 2019 stance that he was not.




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