80-year-old woman banned from YMCA after demanding transgender person leave women’s locker room

A YMCA in Washington State has taken the step of indefinitely banning an 80-year-old woman from using their facilities after she raised concerns about a transgender attendant in the women’s locker room.

The transgender attendant was reportedly performing bathroom duties with girls from the day camp when local resident Julie Jaman, who has been a resident of Port Townsend for 40 years, completed her daily swim.

Jaman said she first heard ”a man’s voice in the women’s dressing area,” before going onto say that she saw “a man in a women’s swimsuit, watching little girls pull down their bathing suits in order to use the toilets in the dressing room.”

Jaman said she then approached the attendant, who goes by the name of Clementine Adams, and inquired “Do you have a penis?” Jaman said the response she received from the bathroom attendant was “None of your business.” Jaman immediately replied by saying “Get out of here, right now.”

Jaman went onto criticize the YMCA for their locker room policy, saying, “In an effort by the city and the YMCA to apply the neo-cultural gender rules at Mountain View Pool dressing, shower room facilities, women and children are being put at risk.”

Jaman said she then approached the YMCA aquatics manager Rowen DeLuna, who was standing outside of a shower stall, and said “Get him out of here.” DeLuna at this point blasted Jaman for her comments and issued a ban by saying “You’re discriminating, and you can’t use the pool anymore and I’m calling the police.”

Jaman said that she spoke with the YMCA’s CEO Wendy Bart, who confirmed that Yaman is no longer welcome to use the facilities.

Jaman said she had falsely been accused of saying “You’re going to stick your f***ing penis in those little girls.” She added, “I am an 80-year-old woman and I do not talk like that.”

Jaman said while addressing the city council: “My experience after having my swim was hearing a man’s voice in the women’s dressing area and seeing a man in a woman’s swimsuit watching little girls pull down their bathing suits in order to use the toilets in the dressing room. I reacted by telling him to leave, and the consequence is that I have been banned from the pool.”

“There is no signage informing women the shower room is now all-gender and what that means, nor have parents been informed of what they can expect with these new policies,” she declared. “The Y has not provided any dressing shower room options for women who do not want to be exposed to men who identify as women. It is unconscionable that the YMCA would implement these new policies without clearly informing pool patrons and parents.”

A member of the YMCA’s PR staff said that the transgender member of staff was not “engaging” with the girls as such, but simply escorting them to the locker room.

The YMCA also released a press statement regarding the incident: “The Y will uphold and respect this law in regards to YMCA staff, members, and program participants that use Mountain View Pool. At the Y, our goal is to provide an atmosphere free from discrimination, hatred, derogatory or unwelcome comments, intimidation, or actions based on an individual’s sex, age, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression or any other legally protected status.”

A crowd of people reportedly protested outside the YMCA after the event, however the YMCA reported that the majority of the crowd supported their actions.




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