‘No Shoot Zone’ activist one of Baltimore’s latest shooting victims

A gun violence activist who is known for painting anti-gun murals around the city was a victim of one of ten shootings Baltimore law enforcement officials responded to this weekend.

Tyree Moorehead is known in Baltimore for his many painted messages in places where city residents had been shot and killed. His murals, which vary from simplistic to detailed, always feature the message “No Shoot Zone.” Moorehead was shot this weekend in an incident that occurred on Rose Street. Moorehead was discovered on North Luzerne Street with gunshot wounds to the neck, back and jaw. 

He first went to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries. Witnesses report later the same night, Moorehead was outside his home on the city sidewalk in hospital-issued scrubs, with police surrounding him. He had stripped the bandage from his neck, revealing a gunshot wound.

According to officials, Moorehead had left the hospital unauthorized and found police conducting a search of his home in relation to the shooting that injured him.

“You’d think I’d shot someone, right? All this activity,” said Moorehead at the scene. “For the no-shoot zone guy, this doesn’t make sense.” An ambulance arrived at Moorehead’s home to return him to the hospital. “If I die there are 262 no-shoot zones to protect the women and children and I need all the gangsters to help protect them please,” Moorehead said as he left.

ABC2 Baltimore’s shooting and murder tracker showed that in the month of July this year, there were 41 homicides Baltimore and 73 non-fatal shootings.




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