NY pastor who was robbed during live sermon was accused last year of defrauding a congregation member

Brooklyn preacher, Bishop Lamor Miller-Whitehead, was robbed at gunpoint during a live streamed sermon on Sunday, and it has since been reported that he was accused last year of defrauding a member of his congregation to the tune of $90,000.

The plaintiff, and former member of the Leaders of Tomorrow International Church, Pauline Anderson, filed a lawsuit against Whitehead last year, accusing the pastor of taking $90,000 from her to help her buy a house, and using the money to fund his unsuccessful campaign for president of the Brooklyn borough.

According to the lawsuit, Whitehead “proposed that Ms. Anderson should invest her money into his company, Defendant LWI, and offered to use the money to purchase a home for her, to make any needed repairs to the property so that it would be habitable for Ms. Anderson, and then return any unused portion of the ‘investment.’”

The suit continues, “When Ms. Anderson expressed reservations because she had no other income with which to support herself, Mr. Whitehead offered to provide her with $100.00 per month to live off of until the purchase and renovation of the property was complete.”

Anderson claims she only ever received one payment of $100, and then asked for her $90,000 back, but was told by Whitehead he had already invested it into his political campaign as a donation. 

A text included in the lawsuit from Whitehead to Anderson regarding the money she gave him for the house says, “And for the record, anything that was given to me is a Donation unless it’s attached to a contract! I was making investments that’s what I Do!”

Whitehead is known for flashing his name-brand clothing and jewelry, as well as his collection of luxury vehicles. 




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