Press Secretary for First Lady Jill Biden will be leaving the White House

Michael La Rosa, who was First Lady Jill Biden’s press secretary, will leave his role to take up a position in the private sector. La Rosa confirmed this to Jill Biden in an email.

LaRosa will work as Managing Director for Hamilton Based Strategies, a public affairs consultancy firm based in D.C.

La Rosa sent out a 4-part Tweet to pay tribute to the Bidens and express his gratitude for his time in The White House. “For a kid from Easton, Pennsylvania, who only ever dreamed of stepping foot into this history-rich residence for a tour, working for @FLOTUS in the White House has been the proudest and most rewarding experience of my life,” La Rosa said.

He thanked the First Lady, saying that he is “forever grateful to @FLOTUS for taking a chance on me nearly three years ago, bringing me on this journey with her around the country and the world, and the privilege of being a small part of the history that she and @POTUS made.”

“From long drives in minivans, jumping on and off planes, and ‘No Malarkey’ busses on the campaign to traveling to 10 countries, nearly 40 states, and over 75 cities in the first year and a half of the Biden-Harris Administration, on Friday, I will be moving on to a new adventure,” he said, adding: “The @FLOTUS team has become and will remain my family and I am thankful for their constant mentoring, support, and friendship.”

La Rosa has previously worked for both MSNBC and The Hill. He joined Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign trail in 2019 and was appointed as Jill Biden’s Press Secretary in January 2021.

Jill Biden made a statement to CNN where she paid tribute to LaRosa. “For nearly three years, from the campaign to the White House, Michael has brought an encyclopedic knowledge of politics and media to my team as my spokesperson and adviser,” the First Lady said. “On a small team, loyalty and friendship are lifelong — we will miss Michael. However, we are excited for him to begin a new chapter in his career.”




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