U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine says America will ‘support Ukraine for as long as it takes’

Bridget A. Brink, who is the US Ambassador to Ukraine, has stated America’s intentions to continue supporting Ukraine “support Ukraine for as long as it takes,” including sending over military aid as soon as possible.

Brink was recently interviewed by RFE/RL where said she was “really proud” of the United States for being “the largest provider of security assistance to Ukraine.”

“And that includes long range artillery, anti-air defense, coastal defenses, a lot of ammunition and much, much more. So, we are now providing assistance through a presidential drawdown, which is a very fast way to provide it. And we’re doing it about every other week [which] is what we are on a schedule for, and we will continue supporting and helping Ukraine with the security assistance for as long as it takes,” Brink went onto say.  

Her remarks arrive as the United States announced that they would send another $270 million of military aid to Ukraine, including tactical drones and medium-range rockets. The total security aid sent to Ukraine by the United States since the invasion began on February 24th is $8.2 billion.

Brink said that US officials are in regular touch with their Ukrainian counterparts regarding arms deliveries. He added, “We’ve always said, and the president has said, we’re not going to tell Ukraine what victory is or force Ukraine into a position of giving up territory or something like that. That is not what we are going to do.”

Brink explained, “What we like to see, what we support for Ukraine is a sovereign, independent, democratic, and prosperous Ukraine. So, all of this assistance and all of this support is to help Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian government achieve that goal.”

Brink was appointed as US ambassador to Ukraine in April 2022.




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