BREAKING: Russia announces they are cutting gas supplies to European Union

As the Biden administration works to keep European nations aligned against Russia, Moscow has reduced energy supplies to the EU even more, according to US officials, spurring anxiety on both sides of the Atlantic over potential serious gas shortages during the winter.

The move comes as tensions between Russia and the West continue to escalate, with the Kremlin accusing the US and its allies of “provocations” and “dangerous actions.”

The US officials, who spoke to CNN on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive diplomatic conversations, said the reduction in energy supplies is part of a Russian strategy to pressure European nations to back away from sanctions and other measures that have been imposed on Moscow in recent years.

The officials said the move has caused “panic” among European leaders, who are scrambling to find alternative sources of energy.

The situation has also created tensions within the Biden administration, with some officials arguing that the US should take a harder line against Russia and others cautioning against escalatory measures.

The officials said the White House is currently focused on ensuring that European nations remain united in their response to Russia and do not back down in the face of Moscow’s pressure campaign.

The US is also working to increase its own energy supplies to Europe in an effort to offset the loss of Russian gas, the officials said.

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