Arizona man charged with human smuggling charges and assault of a border agent

A Phoenix man who was initially detained for smuggling migrants across the US-Mexico border is now facing a further charge of assaulting a border control agent in Arizona.

The man reportedly assaulted the agent when he attempted evade a stop and search of his vehicle. As reported by Breitbart News, the vehicle initially stopped, but as agents approached, it took off again, striking an agent in the process.

The US Attorney’s Office confirmed that Border Control Agents in Tucson were alerted to a suspicious vehicle that was believed to be carrying 7 migrants. The caller also gave agents the location of the vehicle, which was in the vicinity of Naco, Arizona.

Chief Patrol Agent John R. Modlin Tweeted after the arrest: “Assaulting a #USBP agent is a serious crime. A Phoenix resident was charges following an incident that occurred near Naco, AZ, earlier this month. A conviction for Assaulting a Federal Officer carries a maximum penalty of eight years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine, or both.”

The man was later identified as 33-year-old Brandon Hall. He was arrested along with his accomplice, 41-year-old Martina Vega. Prosecutors also confirmed that 4 of the undocumented migrants were also arrested.

The District of Arizona website confirmed that an investigation is ongoing for the case: “Customs and Border Protection’s USBP is conducting the investigation in this case. The United States Attorney’s Office, District of Arizona, Tucson, is handling the prosecution.”




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