Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg defends President Biden’s mental health during questioning

During a house hearing, Troy Nehls (R-TX) raised questions about President Joe Biden’s mental health and also questioned whether the 25th amendment should be invoked.

The 25th amendment allows a sitting President to be removed from their position should their mental or physical health be a serious issue.

Nehls clashed with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg over the issue. As the Daily Mail reports, Nehls started by reminding Buttigieg that he himself said Trump should be removed if he was not suitable for the position.

“You [Buttigieg] yourself questioned Donald Trump’s mental state of mind in September of 2019 when you stated to CNN I quote, ‘If our Presidency is not in good shape, then our country is not in good shape.’ And Mr. Secretary, I could not agree with you more,” Nehls said.

“Inflation is at 9.1 percent, gas prices are through the roof, our adversaries are exploiting our weaknesses across the globe, and our southern border is non-existent. This administration puts the American people last,” Nehls added.

Nehls went onto show a picture of Biden with the Easter Bunny. Biden went viral after a video appeared to show him being led around by the Easter Bunny.

“Sadly, he [Biden] shakes hands with ghosts and imaginary people, he falls off bicycles, even at the White House Easter Celebration, the Easter bunny had to guide him back into his safe place,” Nehls concluded.

Buttigieg immediately hit back at Nehls and said he found the question of invoking the 25th amendment “insulting,” per The Guardian.

Buttigieg said, “First of all, I’m glad to have a president who can ride a bicycle. And I will look beyond the insulting nature of that question and make clear to you that the President of the United States…”

Nehls interrupted Buttigieg to ask him “Have you spoken to any other cabinet members about implementing the 25th Amendment on President Biden?” Buttigieg responded, “Of course not.”

Buttigieg continued his defense of Biden by saying “The President of the United States is as vigorous a colleague or boss as I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

Last August Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) also raised the query of invoking the 25th amendment against Biden after an incident during the Afghanistan withdrawal which left 13 military personnel dead.




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