Acting police chief on day of Uvalde shooting suspended after state probe’s findings

The acting police chief on duty the day of the Robb Elementary School shooting on May 24 was suspended from his position this week after a state probe revealed shocking findings about what is largely seen as a botched response to the shooting.

Lt. Mariano Pargas was suspended over the weekend, according to a New York Post report, after the investigation into the police response to the shooting revealed what the state House says was a failure “to prioritize saving innocent lives over their own safety.”

The probe found that the approximately 400 law enforcement officials who responded to the scene that day took an “overall lackadaisical approach” to the active shooter situation.

Video footage leaked last week of the response showed over an hour of video in which law enforcement officers huddled and retreated from the shooter’s gunfire, and failing to engage the gunman. 

Pargas was the ranking official on the scene when the shooting unfolded, but, the report from the House panel says, he failed to establish leadership. “In this crisis, no responder seized the initiative to establish an incident command post,” says the report.

The report revealed other departments that responded to the shooting that day also failed to provide any type of leadership or command chain, resulting in what investigators believe were some avoidable deaths at Robb Elementary.

Border Patrol agents ultimately took down the gunman, but none of them were wearing body cameras at the time, according to the report.




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