White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre: It ‘doesn’t matter’ where President Bident contracted COVID-19

Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, said on Thursday that it doesn’t matter where President Biden contracted COVID-19. She said that the most essential thing is that he was fully vaccinated and double boosted.

The president’s team has not been able to pinpoint where or how he caught the virus, but they believe he was exposed to it sometime last week. Biden is allegedly feeling ‘better’ and is expected to return to the White House on Friday.

Jean-Pierre said that the White House is not going to waste time on trying to find out where Biden caught the virus, and instead they are focusing on the president’s recovery. She also said that everyone in the White House who has been in contact with Biden has been tested and so far, there have been no positive results.

“The bottom line is the president is doing fine, he’s in good spirits,” Jean-Pierre said. “He’s following all of the medical advice.”

“I think what matters is what Dr. Jha just laid out. If we look at where we were a year and a half ago, this is a president, when he walked in, one of his first priorities was to make sure we had a comprehensive plan to get people vaccinated,” she continued. “And so now we look to today, more and more people are getting closer to having a more normal life, vaccines are available.

“And as Dr. Jha said, if you have not gotten vaccinated, please do,” she added. “If you have not gotten boosted, please do. These are treatments that are going to keep you safe. And I think that’s what matters here, is making sure that we continue to do the work. And the good thing is that the president, again, has been vaccinated and double boosted.”

President Biden reportedly tested negative Tuesday, White house advisors announced. The President is supposedly taking an antiviral drug, Paxlovid, to treat his “mid-to-moderate COVID-19.”

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