Iran sanctions 61 more Americans amid nuclear talks

Sources in Tehran confirmed that Iran has imposed sanctions on a further 61 Americans – most of which are politicians.

Iran previously sanctioned 51 Americans in January of this year and then another 24 in April. The American’s recently sanctioned include 11 senators and 19 House members, according to The Hill. Rudy Giuliani, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton were also on the list.

The sanctions follow comments made by President Joe Biden during his recent trip to the Middle East.

Biden said Thursday that during the trip they “discussed America’s commitment to ensuring Iran never obtains nuclear weapon.” Asked how long the US was prepared to give those efforts, Biden said “we’re not going to wait forever.”

Iran’s ministry of foreign affairs confirmed that the individuals were being sanctioned for supporting an organization called Mujahedin. The ministry of foreign affairs in Iran have dubbed the organization a “terrorist group.” Mujahedin oppose the current government in Iran and are demanding a “democratic regime change.”

“Despite the terrorist nature and atrocious terrorist acts of Monafeghin as well as its violent terrorist and military activities, the United States government continues to support this terrorist group and has maintained its double standards and hypocrisy in this regard,” the foreign affairs ministry wrote in a statement.

The ministry went onto say that the sanctioned Americans took part in a protest by Mujaheden and were “acknowledging their terrorist acts and causes as well as providing political and propaganda support to the group.”

The sanctions allow the Iranian government to seize any property or assets held in Iran by the sanctioned individuals. As there is currently no evidence of any of the sanctioned individuals having any assets in Iran or doing business there, the sanctions will be largely symbolic.

Former President Donald Trump, his son-in-law Jared Kushner and Nikki Haley are some of the Americans previously sanctioned by Iran.




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