Rep. Kinzinger says January 6 committee has ‘filled in the blanks’ on Trump’s actions during Capitol riot

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) said Sunday that the January 6 select committee has “filled in the blanks” on former President Donald Trump’s actions as the Capitol riot occurred.

“We have filled in the blanks,” Kinzinger said in an interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday, as Business Insider reports. “I can’t necessarily say that the motives behind every piece of information we know we’ll be able to explain. But this is going to open people’s eyes in a big way.”

His remarks came in response to questions from moderator Margaret Brennan, who asked Kinzinger if the committee knew what Trump was actually doing and who he had spoken with in the 3 hours that passed between when he left his “Stop the Steal” rally to when he asked his supporters to leave the Capitol.

“The reality is — I’ll give you this preview — the president didn’t do very much but gleefully watch television during this timeframe,” Kinzinger claimed. “I knew what I felt like as a US Congressman, if I was a president, sworn to defend the Constitution — that includes the legislative branch — watching this on television, I know I would have been going ballistic to try to save the Capitol. He did quite the opposite.”

The committee is set to hold their next hearing, the panel’s eighth, on Thursday. Kinzinger said the committee is discussing whether or not to subpoena former Vice President Mike Pence for testimony. They may also seek an appearance from Trump.

“I’m not sure we do need them physically there because we’re getting a lot of information,” Kinzinger said. “Donald Trump has made it clear that he doesn’t mind not telling the truth, let’s just put that mildly. He lies all the time. I wouldn’t put it past him to lie under oath, so I’m not sure what the value is there.”



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