Maryland Republican Senate candidate charged for false report claiming adult bookstore trafficked children 

Republican Senate candidate Ryan Dark White, who also goes under the name of Jon McGreevey, has been arrested and charged with filing a false police report. White alleged that an erotic bookstore in Edgewood trafficked a young girl and forced her to perform sex acts on male customers.

After some investigation by the Harford County Sheriff Office, they confirmed that the story was completely fabricated.

The Sheriff’s office said that no other witnesses could corroborate any of the claims made by White and they stated in their report that “The investigation revealed at no time were any sex acts performed or offered by any of the individuals in the establishment as reported by White.”

Jeffrey Gahler, the Harford County Sheriff, said of the incident: “It is shameful that a candidate for public office would make up such a story and use it to further his own political agenda.”

“It is even more appalling, that another individual, who is running for a law enforcement position, would embrace such an obviously false narrative in an effort to gain political traction – nothing more. I am beyond grateful this young girl is safe, but extremely disappointed someone would attempt to discredit and disparage the work of the dedicated men and women of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office and Child Advocacy Center. Fearmongering and antagonism caused wasted time and energy by our personnel, whose time would have been better served protecting the citizens of Harford County, instead of investigating lies,” Gahler went onto say.

Following the investigation, White was arrested on July 15th, without incident. White’s charges include making false statements to a law enforcement officer, giving false statements of the commission of a crime, and existence of a situation that could cause immediate and serious danger to the general public.

White is currently being held at the Harford County Detention Center. Police said he is currently waiting to appear before a judge.




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