Georgia Governor’s race enters final stretch with Abrams out-raising Kemp thanks to out-of-state donations

Stacey Abrams has raised an impressive amount of money for her Georgia gubernatorial race against incumbent Governor Brian Kemp, largely thanks to out-of-state donations.

Campaign finance records show Abrams campaign has raised over $49.6 million while her opponent, Republican Governor Brian Kemp, has raised about $31.5 million. While Kemp’s donations came largely from Georgia donors, totaling $26.2 million, Abrams’ donations from inside the state total only $7 million.

Abrams has been a rising star in the Democratic party since her tight loss to Kemp in 2018. Since then, she has led the charge to fundraise for Democrats and was a driving force in getting blue voters to the polls in 2020 to defeat Republican incumbents in Georgia. Abrams raked in donations from Democrats all over the country who were intent on turning Georgia blue in order to gain a majority in the US House and Senate.

Abrams formed a leadership committee earlier this year to raise funds for her campaign. The One Georgia political action committee is allowed by state law to raise unlimited funds by coordinating with candidate campaigns. In the two months from April to June, together with her campaign and One Georgia, Abrams raised $21.8 million. Kemp, in comparison, raised $6.8 million.

Earlier this month, the Kemp campaign told Politico it was all but certain Abrams would out-raise them. “Stacey Abrams has always been an elite fundraiser. And I don’t think that that dynamic is going to change,” said GOP consultant Chip Lake. “Look, he [Kemp] doesn’t have to outspend Stacey Abrams, but he can’t get blown out of the water.” 




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