CNN Poll: Americans’ view of the country worst since 2009 under Biden administration

As discontent with the state of the economy and the country overall continues to grow, a new CNN poll has found that President Joe Biden’s approval rating has sunk to an all-time low. The poll, conducted by SSRS, found that the public’s view of the country is the worst it’s been since 2009, while its view of the economy is the worst since 2011.

The poll also found that Americans are increasingly pessimistic about the state of the country, with just 33% saying it’s headed in the right direction. This is a sharp decline from the 43% who said so in April, and is yet another sign that discontent is growing across the country.

So what’s behind this growing discontent? It could be the rising cost of living, which is putting a strain on American families. The poll found that 71% of Americans are worried about inflation, and 63% say they’re concerned about the economy in general.

It could also be the fact that, despite his promises to unite the country, President Biden has been unable to bridge the partisan divide. The poll found that just 38% of Americans approve of the job he’s doing, while 62% disapprove. And when it comes to handling the economy and inflation, his approval ratings are even lower, at 30% and 25%, respectively.

So what does this all mean for President Biden and the country as a whole? It’s clear that Americans are increasingly unhappy with the state of affairs, and that discontent is likely to continue to grow unless something changes soon.

It could also be that Americans are simply tired of the partisan gridlock in Washington. With Congress deadlocked on major issues like infrastructure and immigration, it’s no wonder that the public is growing frustrated with our elected officials.

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