White woman injured on New York bus in alleged hate crime 

A violence incident occurred on the Q53 bus in Woodhaven, Queens where a white woman was left injured and bleeding after an altercation with three black women.

According to FOX News, the woman was taken to Jamaica Hospital after the incident. She required two staples to close her head wound.

The incident took place about 7pm on Saturday and the victim was hit with a blunt object, whilst the perpetrators reportedly said that they “hate white people,” according to police sources. Police also made note of the women’s injury and said she “struck in the head with an unknown object causing a laceration and bleed.”

When interviewed by police, the victim said her attackers made reference to their dislike of white people and also the way that white people talk. The three black women got off the bus after the attack and promptly fled the scene.

At the time of writing, the three women have not been apprehended. The NYPD has asked for help in identifying the trio, saying in a statement: “The New York City Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance in ascertaining the whereabouts and identity of three individuals depicted in the attached photo and video in connection to an assault that occurred within the confines of the 102nd Precinct.”

According to New York crime statistics, there have been 343 hate crimes this year, as of 10 July 2022. Last year, New York had 538 hate crimes in the whole calendar year.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) has acknowledged the rise in hate crimes and stated his intentions to address the city’s lenient bail system. “The rise of bias-driven crimes is unacceptable. We are expanding our office’s Hate Crimes Unit to enhance these prosecutions while increasing community engagement and other preventative measures,” Adams said.

Police have confirmed that the aforementioned Hate Crimes Unit are currently investigating this incident.




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