House passes pair of bills aimed at codifying aspects of Roe v. Wade into law

The United States House of Representatives passed a pair of bills this week that would enshrine parts of the Roe v Wade ruling into law after the Supreme Court overturned the 1973 decision that granted abortion rights in the United States.

The first bill, the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would enshrine access to abortion care at the federal level, passed the House in a vote of 219-210. The bill is in its second round through Congress, as it passed the House last year but failed to pass through the Senate.

The second bill, the Ensuring Women’s Right to Reproductive Freedom Act, would ensure a woman’s right to travel across state lines to access abortion care in a state where is is legal if needed. The measure, which passed the House in a vote of 223-205, was supported by all Democrats and two Republicans, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (IL) and Fred Upton (MI).

The two bills will now head to the Senate, where they are largely expected to meet their doom without the support of any Republican senators.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spoke in support of the bill on the House floor this week. “Neither the courts nor states nor politicians should have the say in women’s ability to make their own decisions about their health, their well-being and their future that rests with their loved ones, their doctor and their God. If we claim to love freedom, to be a free and just society, we must ensure that this basic human right is finally enshrined into law,” Pelosi said.

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) slammed the idea of restricting travel in the United States. “You’re trying to take away people’s right to travel,” she said. “What in the world is this? Is this America? They come for me today, they’re coming for you tomorrow,” she added.




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