Snoop Dogg mocks President Biden with his new ‘Sleepy Joe OG’ weed strain

Rapper Snoop Dogg recently released a weed strain called “Sleepy Joe OG,” announcing the “premium cannabis” on Instagram where he posted a photo of President Joe Biden along with the phrases “Where Am I???” and “You won’t even remember what country you are in!”

The rapper’s post quickly went viral and garnered over 622,000 likes and 11,223 comments as of July 14. As noted by Newsweek, High-profile commenters included rapper Nate Dogg, who said: “Do I hit it and get my vote back?” as well as rapper Riff Raff, who commented with “Sleepy Squad.”

Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Broadus Jr., has been known to be a harsh critic of U.S. presidents, including Donald Trump. The rapper also frequently posts videos mocking Biden.

One such video reposted by Snoop, states: “After Biden finished his speech, he turned around and tried to shake hands with thin air and then wandered around looking confused.” Fact-checkers labelled the video as “missing context” and “partly false.”

In another post, Snoop mocked Biden for tripping multiple times as he walked up a flight of stairs to Air Force One. He suggested Biden get a motorized chair, adding, “I got moms One of these for her stairs before and it was a smooth glide ya dig good s**t joe.”

Prior to Trump’s announcement of his presidential campaign, Snoop and Trump were often seen as pals, as noted by Distractify. Trump said of Snoop in 2007: “I’ll tell you what, he’s a great guy. And he’s a lot different than you think. You know, you think he’s a wild man? He’s a very, very smart, tough, businessman, in addition to being a great musician.”

However, things took a turn in 2011 when Trump took part in a Comedy Central celebrity roast of himself. Many celebrities made fun of the future president, including Snoop, who said: “Donald’s saying he wants to run for president and move into the White House. Why not? It wouldn’t be the first time you’ve pushed a Black family out of their home.”

When Trump announced his presidential candidacy in 2015, Snoop said that he would “be voting [for] Ms. Clinton.” He also said of Trump around that time: “How could we have someone as reckless as him running our country?”

When Trump won the presidency in 2016, Snoop announced that he would be looking to Canada for a “new home.”

In the past, Snoop regularly targeted Trump supporters. He said in a foul-mouthed rant in a 2018 interview: “I don’t give a f**k. If you like that n*gga, you motherf**kin’ racist, f**k you and f**k him.” He has also referred to black conservatives, such as Candace Owens, as “Coons.”

Snoop changed course in 2021, when Trump pardoned Death Row Record co-founder Michael ‘Harry O’ Harris, a longtime friend of the rapper. He praised Trump for his last act, saying of the administration: “They did some great work while they was in there and they did some great work on their way out. Let them know I love what they did. It is amazing what the work of God can actually bring to life to make people understand that there is a God.”



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