Texas experiences record breaking heat, challenging power grids

The recent bout of searing heat in Texas, which has broken a myriad of records, is currently presenting a challenge to the state’s power grid.

Dave Houk, who is a senior meteorologist for AccuWeather, has said that while most of Texas has experienced above average heat since June, he acknowledged that the heat in the last few days has gone to another level.

“There have been periods where a dome of high pressure that has been a mostly permanent fixture across the South Central states strengthens near Texas causing a few days of record-challenging heat in a row across the state,” Houk said. 

The peak power demand in Texas has also increased, exceeding 76,000 megawatts. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), who service over 26 million people in the Lone Star State, said it was able to cope with the rise in demand for power last week and will has enough reserves to continue to do so.

Paramedics in Fort Worth, Texas reported a drastic increase in people requiring medical attention due to heat related conditions. This was largely from the elderly, the young and the homeless.

“We’re experiencing about double the heat-related call volume that we did last year,” John Hamilton, who works for MedStar told AccuWeather.

KXAN reported that this week does represent the best chance for rain. There will still be significant warming before any possible showers and KXAN confirmed that triple digit weather will continue for the 13th day in a row. Many parts of Texas will miss out on rainfall and will stay bone dry for now.

“The heat we are seeing across the state is tied into the drought that is also affecting most of the state. Dry ground allows more of the energy from the sun to heat the air,” Dave Houk said. Houk also stated that Dallas has not had any rain in 40 days. Central Texas has also issued a heat advisory warning.  




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