Postal Service opens probe after 25 Republican senators in Ohio were mailed feces

The US Postal Service is currently investigating an incident where feces were mailed to 25 Republican senators in Ohio. This incident has happened not long after the Supreme Court voted to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The contents were identified in a US Postal Service mailroom and were intercepted before they were able to reach any of the senators. No specific agenda was mentioned by the culprit.

Republican Party spokesman John Fortney said during an interview with News 5 that the return addresses on the letters were “fake.” When a News 5 reporter pressed Fortney on the type of feces in the envelope, he said “We’re assuming human.”

Fortney then went onto express his anger and disgust at the incident. “I’m really angry about it,” Fortney said. “These are a bunch of little scared, little cowards that wouldn’t say s*** or a thing to you face-to-face, right, they would rather send it in the mail.”

Fortney also noted that an investigation was underway. “The OHP has been notified, and as always, the safety of all 33 members of the Senate, their staff and statehouse employees remains a priority,” he said.

“I think political discourse has really taken a turn in the last decade,” Sen. Jerry Cirino (R-OH 18th District) said. “I’m more concerned that this act, along with some of the language in social media that we’ve all been seeing, whether it’s regarding the Dobbs case or gun control issues or any number of hot button issues, people have to understand that there’s a way to make your opinions known to your legislators.”

Hudson Senator Kristina Roegner tried to emphasize with the person or people who did this. “There are other things going on and I don’t want to make myself seem like a victim,” she said. “I understand that people are very passionate right now.”

“This is a highly charged and emotional issue, there’s passion on both sides,” Roegner went onto say. “But we need to engage in civil discourse.”




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