White House reveals 2022 staff salaries under Biden administration

The White House released the salary information for all 474 of its staff to Congress this week, in keeping with a 1995 requirement.

The 2022 White House Staff Report showed a wide range of salaries, from $0 for some White House advisors to the maximum $180,000 by some other senior level staff.

There are 24 White House employees who currently make the maximum salary, including Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who took over the role earlier this year from Jen Psaki, who had also been making $180,000 during her time in the White House, according to last year’s report. Both are listed in their official titles as Assistant to the President and Press Secretary.

The report shows there are two more White House staff members making the maximum amount compared to 2021. There are 12 people on the report who make the minimum non-zero White House salary of $48,000 a year, including presidential writers, coordinators, and research staff. President Biden makes the typical presidential salary of $400,000 a year, though he is not listed as a White House employee.

The Biden administration has touted their accomplishments on closing the gender wage gap in the White House, with last year’s report showing male employees making only $887 more than female staffers in 2021. The administration also delivered on its pledge to staff the White House with people from more ethnically diverse backgrounds, as well as hire more female staff. In 2021, female staff made up 60 percent of the White House staff, including Biden’s senior staff which included 56 percent women.

The Brookings Institution tracks White House turnover each year, and its most current reporting shows Biden’s White House staff turnover is low, especially in comparison to the previous administration.

Trump staff turnover in the first year of his presidency totaled 35 percent, while Biden’s staff turned over by 26 percent in his first year. All administrations in recent history, according to Brookings, have seen high staff turnover in their last year in office as staffers prepare to leave the White House and move on to other jobs.




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