Report shows Biden staffers left White House in year one at higher rate than Trump, Obama

An annual report provided to Congress by the White House that reveals the salaries of all White House employees showed the Biden administration lost more staffers in its first year of the presidency than the two previous administrations.

The report shows Biden lost 86 staffers from 2021-2022, which is 15 percent higher than the staff lost by Trump in his first year as president. Trump lost only 1 percent of staff and Obama lost 11 percent. Biden, however, began his term with a higher number of staff than the two previous administrations. 

Turnover in the Biden administration was at 26 percent as of June 22 this year, according to the Brookings Institution, which tracks staff turnover for all presidential administrations. Brookings’ data showed the Trump administration had consistent turnover throughout its four years in the White House, while most previous administrations experienced lulls in turnover at some point during their tenure in the White House.

The staff report sent to Congress this week showed salary data for all 474 current White House employees. Obama began his presidency with 485 staffers in 2009, and Trump started his term with 377.

The president is not listed as an official White House employee, and makes $400,000 a year, the typical salary for POTUS. Staffers make anywhere from $0 for some White House advisors to $180,000, the maximum allowed, for some senior staffers. 12 White House staffers make the minimum non-zero amount allowed, bringing in $48,000 a year. These include presidential writers, coordinators and researchers.




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