Gallup Poll: Overall confidence in American institutions hits record low 

Gallup released a poll on Tuesday showing that the confidence of American citizens in US institutions has plunged to a record low.

When asked about 14 major US institutions, 27% of Americans said they have “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in the aforementioned institutions. The 14 institutions included the Office of The President, the US Military, The Supreme Court and Congress. Congress saw a 5-point drop, while the President saw a 15-point drop. The Supreme Court saw an 11-point drop.

The Gallup poll was carried out before they voted to overturn Roe V Wade.  The survey showed that the drop was only amongst Democrats and Independents, there was no change in confidence from Republicans.

The confidence in large big tech companies fell to 26%. Technology companies have only been measured for the last 3 years.

The survey also showed a significant drop in confidence in organized religions from both Democrats and Independents. There was no change from Republicans.

The confidence shown by Republicans in banks dropped more than Democrats and Independents whilst both the police and the military saw double digit drops from Republicans. The confidence in the military was more favourable from Democrats and Independents.

The only two institutions who garnered a majority vote for confidence were small businesses and the military. 

Gallup added in their survey that confidence in major institutions has been in peril for the last 15 years. The Gallup survey was carried out from from June 1st to June 20th interviewing a total of 1,015 adults. The margin of error is 4 percentage points.




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