Stacey Abrams reportedly spent $520k on security this year, prompting criticism from opponent Brian Kemp

Candidate for Georgia governor and Democrat rising star Stacey Abrams has reportedly spent over $520,000 through her campaign this year for private security, which her opponent, Governor Brian Kemp, says is hypocritical given what he says is her anti-police stance.

A review of Abrams’ campaign finances, which are made public via the Georgia Campaign Finance Commission and Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission, showed the Abrams for Governor campaign paid $520,612.57 in 2022 for the services of Executive Protection Agencies, a private security company based in Georgia. 

Some conservative critics have blasted Abrams for what they say is hypocrisy for spending campaign funds on private security in spite of being part of an organization that frequently calls for police to be defunded. 

“While she tries to run from her record of supporting — and profiting from — the defund the police movement, Governor Kemp will continue to stand with the men and women in law enforcement that keep our communities safe,” said Tate Mitchell, Kemp’s press secretary, to the New York Post.

Abrams, however, has repeatedly denied supporting the defunding of police. “Stacey Abrams does not support defunding the police, and is a longtime supporter of investing in law enforcement, building community trust, and fostering law enforcement accountability,” said Abrams campaign spokesperson Alex Floyd. 

“I do not, and have never said, and have never supported defunding the police,” said Abrams herself to Axios last week. Abrams sits on the board of the Marguerite Casey Foundation, which works to dismantle white supremacy and racism. The foundation has on occasion called for the police to be defunded, but Abrams maintains she does not support the measure.




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