Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp raises $3.8 million in his bid for reelection

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) announced Wednesday that his main campaign committee had raised $3.8 million within a two-month span beginning in May and ending June 30.

According to The Associated Press, Kemp raised an additional $3 million through his Georgians First Leadership Committee during the same period. This give him a total of $6.8 million. Through the committee, Kemp is allowed to collect unlimited contributions and coordinate spending with his campaign.

Democrat Stacey Abrams is currently running to unseat Kemp. Both her and Kemp won their respective primaries on May 24. Other candidates who will be running in the November election include Libertarian Shane Hazel and Independent Al Bartell.

Abrams ran against Kemp in 2018 and lost. Since announcing her latest campaign in December, she has raised more than $20 million for her main campaign committee, AP reports.

While Kemp has raised more than $23 million, he did so over a longer period. That number is slightly higher than the $22.4 million that he previously raised in his fight against Abrams in 2018.

Kemp had $10.7 million cash on hand after he won the state’s May 24 Republican primary against Trump-endorsed David Perdue, according to The Hill.

Perdue and Abrams had previously sued over Kemp’s use of a leadership committee, arguing that it was unfair that Kemp could take in such large amounts, while they were prevented from doing so until they won their party primaries.

U.S. District Judge Mark Cohen ultimately ruled that Kemp could not spend money through his Georgians First Leadership Committee until after he won the primary election and became the Republican nominee.



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