Boston Mayor Michelle Wu responds to far-right group Patriot Front’s surprise march along Freedom Trail

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu responded harshly to members of the far-right group Patriot Front, who launched a surprise march Saturday along the famous “Freedom Trail,” which highlights historic landmarks in the city. 

The neo-Nazi, white nationalist group arrived in Boston’s Haymarket Square on Saturday and unloaded a rental truck filled with shields and flags. The flags included United States flags as well as some featuring facist insignia and upside down American flags.

The group proceeded to hand out flyers containing information about their agenda in front of the Public Library, wearing white bandanas on their faces, beige baseball hats, and sunglasses to hide their faces.

From there, the group marched along the Freedom Trail, and according to The Boston Herald, at one point pounced on a Black man who was taunting the group. Boston Mayor Michelle Wu took to Twitter this weekend to lash out at the group for its actions on Saturday. 

“To the white supremacists who ran through downtown today: When we march, we don’t hide our faces. Your hate is as cowardly as it is disgusting, and it goes against all that Boston stands for,” Wu wrote. 

The mayor later told CBS the actions of Patriot Front this weekend were “disgusting, hateful actions and words of white supremacist groups are not welcome in this city. Especially in a moment when so many of our rights are under attack, we will not normalize intimidation by bigots.”

She continued, “On a July Fourth holiday weekend when “we remember Boston’s legacy as the cradle of liberty, we celebrate the continued fight to expand those liberties for all and ensure that Boston will be a city for everyone.”




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