Portland pregnancy center attacked by pro-abortion activists who thought the center was anti-abortion

Pro-abortion groups attacked a pregnancy center in Portland in response to the overturning of Roe v Wade. The activists reportedly wrote “F*** CPCs” (Crisis Pregnancy Center) and “bashed the windows” of the Mother and Child Education Center.

The staff at the pregnancy center expressed being upset by the attack, along with the financial consequences it has brought to them.

Mother and Child Education Center executive director Maura White told Fox News that her Oregon nonprofit helps young mothers and babies in need and that they have no horse in the race in regards to the recent ruling by the Supreme Court. 

“My organization, we are nonprofit, and we help moms, families, kids in need, babies from zero to 5 years old,” she said. “We’re just there to help people. And so they mistakenly thought that we were out here doing anti-abortion and everything. The violence was horrible.”

White confirmed that their facility suffered at least $10,000 in damage after protesters smashed windows and spray-painted slogans, the New York Post reports.

Whilst White said she was given a heads up by police about a possible attack, she noted that local cops have become less vigilant in the community due to the strong “defund the police” sentiment in the area. “I do feel that the ‘defund the police’ movement has definitely impacted their ability to be more proactive in the street,” she said.

White said that she supports free speech but not violent or damaging attacks. “Free speech is not smashing in the very businesses that are helping people, that are helping children,” she added.

White said her center helps those that have already chose to birth their kids. “They’ve already made that choice,” she said, adding that those who are attacking them online simply “don’t understand what we do.”

The windows of a nearby Starbucks were also smashed. A video of the incident was shared on Twitter by “AntifaWatch.” An aide to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said the damage to the Starbucks was “despicable” and the city needs more police officers.




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