Israel loosens abortion regulations after Roe v. Wade ruling

On Monday, Israel’s health minister announced that the country will begin easing its regulations for access to abortions. Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz stated that this was a direct response to last week’s “sad” announcement that the U.S. Supreme Court had overturned Roe v. Wade.

Horowitz the current leader of the liberal Meretz party, said the U.S. ruling had turned back the clock for women’s rights.

“A woman has a complete right over her body,” he said. “The SCOTUS decision to negate a woman’s right to make a choice over her own body is a sad process of women’s repression, setting the leader of the free and liberal world a hundred years back.”

The new rules, approved by a parliamentary committee, will allow women access to abortion pills through the country’s universal health system. They will also eliminate the need for women appear physically before a special committee before being allowed to proceed with obtaining an abortion.

Most abortion requests are approved in Israel; however women have expressed their frustration for some time about the bureaucracy, waiting times and humiliation involved in the process.

“In 2021, there were 17,548 #abortion requests in #Israel. The termination committees approved about 99% of these cases,” Rep. Alma Hernadez tweeted.

The new process will be fully digital and meeting with a social worker beforehand will now be optional. The new rules are expected to be in place within 3 months.

“The reform we approved today will create a simpler process, that is more respectful, advanced, and maintains a woman’s right to make decisions over her own body – a basic human right,” Horowitz said.




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