JD Vance facing backlash over his ‘you’ve been had’ tweet about working women

JD Vance, who is a Republican Senate candidate in Ohio, is facing backlash due to a recent Tweet about women and their careers.

Vance tweeted on June 26th: “If your worldview tells you that it’s bad for women to become mothers but liberating for them to work 90 hours a week in a cubicle at the New York Times or Goldman Sachs, you’ve been had.”

Bess Kalb, a writer for the Jimmy Kimmel Live! television show and journalist with The New Yorker magazine, hit back at Vance, saying: “Goldman Sachs offers 5 months of paid maternity leave plus in-home lactation consultants and full postpartum medical care but your platform offers…”

Another verified Twitter user, Sarah Reese Jones, accused Vance of being elite. “If your worldview tells you someone with a Yale degree who worked in venture capitalism and visited Appalachia for a few weeks is not the elite he rails against, you’ve been had.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) replied and provided statistics stating that many women seeking abortion already have children.

“We cannot allow this ding-dong who doesn’t seem to know the typical American seeking reproductive care is already a MOTHER, & who also thought fertility had to do with Daylight Savings become the next US Senator for Ohio,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted with an added link for people to donate to Vance’s opponent.

Vance had previously attracted criticism in 2020 when he claimed that daylight savings time can have an effect on fertility rates.

“As a parent of young children and a nationalist who worries about America’s low fertility I can say with confidence that daylight savings time reduces fertility by at least 10 percent,” Vance wrote in November of 2020.

Vance beat several candidates to secure the Ohio nomination.  Vance was initially critical of former President Donald Trump, but changed his stance and Trump’s support helped him get over the line.




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