Rep. Maxine Waters vows women will fight Roe decision: ‘The hell with the Supreme Court’

California Rep. Maxine Waters, known for her outspoken nature, did not mince her words on Friday when she told a crowd outside the Supreme Court women will “control their bodies” and fight the SCOTUS decision.

“This turnout here?” asked Waters. “You ain’t seen nothing yet. Women are going to control their bodies no matter how they try and stop [us]. The hell with the Supreme Court. We will defy them.” She continued, “Women will be in control of their bodies, and if they think Black women are intimidated or afraid, they got another thought coming.”

“Black women will be out in droves. We will be out by the thousands. We will be out by the millions. We’re going to make sure we fight for the right to control our own bodies,” she added.

Waters and other Democrats have spoken out against the controversial Supreme Court decision this weekend after the ruling came down on Friday morning, sparking protests nationwide. Democrat lawmakers joined Waters in her pledge to fight the decision over the weekend.

In an address to the nation on Friday hours after the decision was announced, President Biden urged voters to elect state and local politicians that will protect rights to reproductive care, and called on Congress to codify the right to an abortion into law. The president told voters, “elect more senators and representatives to codify a woman’s right to choose into federal law [and] elect more state leaders to protect this right at the local level.”

Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-PA) told reporters on Friday she was “horrified” by the decision, and said, “We’ll fight it. This will not apply. We will restore rights for my granddaughters.” Rep. Val Demings also spoke out about the SCOTUS ruling. “The decision to strike down Roe v. Wade is downright dangerous and tragic. I’m sick and tired of our basic, fundamental right to privacy being politicized,” said Demings.




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