Capitol Police arrest two protesters for throwing paint over SCOTUS fence

United States Capitol Police say they arrested two people involved in protests over the overturning of Roe v Wade this weekend.

Protesters began gathering outside the high court in Washington, DC immediately after the decision to reverse Roe was announced. The crowd grew throughout the day and persisted over the weekend. According to Capitol Police, two protesters were arrested for destruction of property after they tossed paint over the fence separating the crowd from the SCOTUS building.

Capitol Police also said they cared for protesters who were affected by the heat this weekend. “The USCP and our local partners worked together to bring in cooling buses & additional people to help demonstrators with heat issues,” USCP wrote. They report they have helped “roughly” 12 people with heat-related issues this weekend.

Demonstrations have erupted all over the country since the Supreme Court handed down its ruling on Friday morning. Thousands of protesters took the streets of New York City on Friday to voice their anger over the decision. Other large protests formed in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, Austin, Birmingham, Philadelphia, and dozens of other cities from coast to coast.

While most protests remained peaceful, there were a handful of incidents other than the DC Capitol arrests, including an altercation in Rhode Island during which an off-duty police officer punched a woman.

Deputies in Arizona deployed tear gas on Friday night when protesters attempted to enter the state Capitol building to defy the ruling. “Republican state Sen. T.J. Shope said senators briefly evacuated the chamber and sheltered in an underground tunnel connecting the House and Senate before returning to work,” reported KJZZ.




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