Report: Actor Ezra Miller allegedly housing a mother and her 3 children in home with loose guns and drugs

Actor Ezra Miller is reportedly offering shelter and support to a young mother and her three children at his home in Vermont, where the children’s father says his kids are exposed to loose firearms and heavy drug use.

According to a Rolling Stone report published on Thursday, Miller, who is known for their lead role in “Fantastic Beasts” and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” is housing a 25-year old woman and her three children at a 96-acre farm in Stamford, Vermont. The report includes allegations from the children’s biological father that his children are regularly exposed to heavy marijuana use and that loose guns are often strewn about the domicile.

The report claims Rolling Stone viewed video footage from inside Miller’s home that showed at least eight firearms of different types in Miller’s living room, within easy reach of the children. One gun, according to the publication, was propped up against a stuffed animal. Rolling Stone also says one witness claims the one-year old child in the home once put a loose bullet in her mouth.

Miller, who goes by they/them pronouns, reportedly met the woman in Hawaii earlier this year, and she began living at the farm property in mid-April. The children’s father has expressed concern for the well-being of his kids, even going so far as to request wellness checks on them by local police in Stamford last month. Officials who visited the farm residence said things appeared to be largely in order but that more work needed to be done to fully assess the case.

Miller has made headlines in recent months for other, unrelated matters, including disorderly conduct, harassment, and accusations of grooming and inappropriately interacting with minors.




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