Proud Boys disrupt children’s pride story reading event at North Carolina public library

Parents who took their children to a pride month reading event at a Wilmington public library this week say were frightened when a group of Proud Boys entered the building and disrupted the event in protest of the library hosting a pro-LGBT+ event.

Parent Emily Jones told WETC 6 News she arrived at the library at about 5:15PM on Wednesday with her 1-year old daughter to attend the pride month reading event. Upon approaching the library she said she noticed a group of protesters who were demonstrating against the library holding a pride event, but did not appear disruptive or intimidating in any way. 

Shortly after the event began, however, Jones saw what she believed were more menacing protesters who were gesturing angrily through the library window at event attendees. Minutes later, a group of Proud Boys entered the building and then the event room. a group of probably I would say, like maybe six or so others, they kind of paraded down the hall, like they were very clearly trying to antagonize us,” Jones said.

Since the library is a public space, the Proud Boys could not legally be removed for protesting. Angie Kahney witnessed the Proud Boys parading down the library hallway and enter the room. “They were like yelling obscenities about how their tax money was being spent on pornography and drag queens,” Kahney said. “There was shouting, it was loud. Like their attempt was to intimidate and create a disruption and that’s exactly what they did.”

Pastor Tim Russell, a protester who was at the library on Tuesday, but is not affiliated with the Proud Boys, said he was there to peacefully protest the event because of the lack of public information about it.

“Our concern was, first and foremost, what was the content of the information being read to the children? And secondly, why did they have it in such a private setting?” Russell said. “I know it was in the public library. But if you went inside, you had to register, there were certain requirements that had to be met, if you were allowed in the classroom.”

Russell was clear that not all the protesters were affiliated with the Proud Boys.




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