Kyle Rittenhouse unveils video game where players shoot ‘fake news’ turkeys

Kyle Rittenhouse unveiled a new video game Thursday in which users can assume the cartoon version of him and shoot up wide-eyed “fake news turkeys.”

Rittenhouse also shoots the air with a Nerf gun while a rap song that appears to be sung by Rittenhouse himself plays. “It’s the fake news turkey suit. Got a laser gun going pew pew pew. Follow my suits. We about to bankrupt the fake news,” the song says.

“The media is nothing but a bunch of turkeys with nothing better to do than push their lying agenda and destroy innocent people’s lives,” Rittenhouse said in a promotional video for the game, which is titled Kyle Rittenhouse’s Turkey Shoot.

Proceeds for the game will go to his Media Accountability Project, an initiative with which Rittenhouse aims to file defamation lawsuits against numerous media outlets he believes defamed him with their coverage of his actions during the 2020 riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin. 

The game, which was created by gaming developer Mint Studios, is listed for sale on Rittenhouse’s website for $9.99.

“We had to step in to help Kyle after we saw what was done to him. Before the trial, you couldn’t even mention his name in a positive manner on social media without getting banned. The truth literally got you suspended. We fight for the truth,” Mint Chip, the CEO of Mint Studios told the Washington Examiner in a statement.

In August 2020, Rittenhouse killed Anthony Huber, 26, and Joseph Rosenbaum, 26, before wounding Gaige Grosskreutz in the arm. Rittenhouse argued he fired in self-defense after the men attacked him. A jury last year acquitted him of multiple charges, including the most serious charge, homicide.

In January, a Wisconsin judge approved an agreement by lawyers to destroy the assault-style rifle that Rittenhouse used during the 2020 street protests.

Earlier this month, Rittenhouse insisted he will attend Texas A&M in the fall after the university said he wasn’t enrolled. He later clarified he would be going to Texas’ Blinn College and use it to then be admitted into the college.




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